The Five-and-One Journey to Fitness

In addition to searching for my characters, I’m also attempting to recover some health.

These last three years have been horrible for me, in terms of my health, and I’m putting all that behind me.  The operations are over, I’m well into recovery, and now I’m working on nutrition and fitness.

The Five-and-One program, and my coaches Leslie and Jim Grady, are the way I’m doing it.

So far, since November 15, 2013, I’ve lost about 23 pounds (I’m certain it’s actually more than that, but I’m only supposed to weigh myself on Friday mornings, so this is going off a few days ago 🙂 ).

The question I always get is, “Isn’t that *hard*?”  Well, no, to be honest.  I’ve only really been hungry once, and that was my fault when I lost track of time and waited far too long to eat anything.  It does work on small meals, low carbs, and nutrition spread throughout the day.  Works for me, and quite well.

I don’t feel “restricted”.  I’m on this journey by choice.  I can choose to go on a side-trip any time I want.  But I know, if I do, it will take about two weeks to get right back to the exact same place I’m at right now.  To be honest, none of the treats from birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve have been worth taking that side trip, to me.  My husband and our kids can have whatever they want in the house.  I just choose not to eat any of it 🙂  I’m in control.  I really like that, as a matter of fact 🙂

The thing that makes the whole journey work with writing is that, from 24 hours after I started, my blood sugars have been totally normal.  I’ve discontinued, completely, the insulin I had been injecting once a day.  The upshot is that, instead of being half crazed from high blood sugars (and, yes, it was obvious that’s what was going on.  I’ve heard from friends!) my mind is clear.

So my brain cells are working, I’m calling to my characters, and I have my health under a lot better control.  It’s being a great trip, so far!