My Worst Memory of Winter

My worst memory of winter is of -25F, 20mph winds.

I had to go pick up something I’d ordered from a store on the other side of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St Paul) after dark. I couldn’t get all the ice off my windshield, so I thought I’d do it when I got to the store, and the heater had had a chance to melt it.

I had a nice, wool coat. With a bit of a ‘nap’. And the snow was still coming down, so I was covered in snow when I got behind the wheel.

When I got to the shopping mall, I got out of the car – stretched as far across the hood as I could to reach the windshield — **AND FROZE TO THE CAR**!! Prone! Stretched out across the hood like somebody had told me to put my face down on it! I ended up having to squiggle out of the coat – still frozen to the hood – and then yank it off the car. There was beige fuzz stuck to that car for a week!

Mind, I lived alone. There were no cell phones. I was in a shopping mall parking lot in a driving snow storm. I thought I was going to die, stuck to my car!

*Now*, I think it’s hysterically funny. I did at the time, too – once I got my coat off the car hood. But I admit to a few moments of, “Oh, Lord! I didn’t want to die *this* way!” No panic, though. I don’t panic