Some Thoughts on Global Warming

There are people who realize that the Earth cannot be static, and must be either cooling or warming – glaciers must melt or freeze, they can’t exist in some suspended time bubble. The question is actually is it a normal cycle, or is it human caused (dubbed “anthropogenic” by the notorious person who failed his introductory science class – Al Gore. Who, just incidentally, has made more money than Croesus and Midas, combined, on selling this pig in a poke to the world).

Studying archaeology (where did those farms melting out of the ice in Sweden, Norway, and Greenland *come from* if the planet has never been this warm before?); geology; and several other pursuits over the years (I was doing dendrochronology before dendrochronology was cool ) I’d have to put my whole stack of tokens on “cyclical”.

Now, you might find a lot of people willing to mau mau me into silence, but until and unless they go through every archaeological site, every set of lake sediment, every run of tree ring dates, and *prove* it with something other than screams and cowbells, I won’t be convinced.


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